Agriculture Solar Solutions

Pakistan is an agricultural country, its economy depends, much on its agricultures. Most of the population one way the other, are dependable over the agricultures of the land. Owing to recent technological advancements, the agrarians are interdepended upon the energy to use the contemporary technological advancements. The solar power is a ray of hope for implementing these ideas and make it to reality. These are stand-alone, gird tied and Off-Grid technologies, depends on the requirements and the feasibility of the area, to ward off the need of power crises for implementing the technological advanced methods in agricultures.

Agricultures based solutions

The AMT Electric provides high-quality solutions with affordable rates at your doorstep, to bring many vistas to your agricultural based solutions.

Our Completed Project

7kw, Tube-well, Solar based empowering in Tangi, Kp, Pakistan.

It’s a Tube-well having an efflux of 8liters per min. The height of the Tube-well was about 150 feet down, it had to give water to a vast area of the agricultures. The solar based empowering was chosen, cause the area was Off-Grid and its feasibility was very suitable to the solar system

Solar Pump placement for agricultural purposes, Kheshki, Kp, Pakistan

This Tube-well has been fixed for giving water to an area of land as well as for the residents of that place, and livestock. This was a Solar Pumping based Solar solution and made it easy for the residents of that specific area, by meeting all of the international standards